Executive Search- Why join as a Service Provider?
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Executive Search/Recruiter-Why  join The Chairman’s Network as a Service Provider?

The Chairman’s Network is the premier business networking, investment and appointments group for Chairmen, Non Executives, Advisory Board Members and CEO’s based in the UK/ Internationally along with relevant Service Providers and Sponsors.


If you are appointing a Chairman, CEO, NXD, or an Advisory Board Member in any sector or region, Europe /Internationally, you can gain ideal candidates, post new appointments and raise your profile by joining this elite network.


Service Providers – Membership Benefits


Access a unique and extensive network of over 9500 SME Chairmen, CEO's, Board Advisers and Non-Executive Directors who each sit on up to 5 boards, potentially giving you thousands of touch points with SME businesses.


For only £2400.00 plus VAT your company can join our list of Service Provider Members. If you would like to connect (both 1-1 on the platform and at events) with this unique and highly influential community and showcase your relevant product or service you can join online at www.chairmansnetwork.com


You can host events for our Members, have your own Group on the platform and also post your opportunities on our Members-Only platform for the reduced rate of £250 per 30 day advert. You can set up your recruiting account here whether a Member or not( £500 for Non Members)





The Chairman’s Network is a unique resource available to you;


Annual membership enables you to:

  • Post your business details, logo and web link to your profile page, viewable by all members

  • Network freely amongst our Fellows and Members (1-to-1)

  • Source Chairmen, NXD’s, Advisory Board Members and CEO’s at no additional charge

  • Post your own events and Invite Members and Fellows to relevant events

  • Post your own relevant remunerated opportunities and Board Roles at a discounted members rate of only £250.00

  • Use of the “Service Provider to The Chairman’s Network” button , as required

  • Free membership to NearDesk for booking rooms UK-wide as well as discount for rooms at the new, aptly named City Club and Hotel www.thened.com

By joining, you will be directly accessible to our prestigious and high-calibre Business Community where you can effectively build or enhance your clients’ Boards from scratch, from the CEO and Chairman to the rest of the Non-Executive Board with no additional recruitment fees. 

This new or enhanced management team can raise shareholder value significantly for all parties and in doing so, enhance your credibility and track record in making the appointment.

Once a Member, you can contact relevant individuals on a 1-to-1 basis, read their Profiles/CV’s and invite them to interviews, meetings or events; you can also advertise your opportunities privately and exclusively to our members who can apply privately on line.

Most of our members seek new Board roles and prefer to be discreet and private about their contacts and connections.

Some of our Members are also investing Chairmen who like to have “some skin in the game”. Others are happy without Equity but most demand a monthly fee.

Some of our Members will bring you leads as many are focused on recruitment  as they are building Boards.

Some of our Members are experts and can help you nail a value proposition or understand a very specific or niche sector.

You can source expert input and advice on your deals prior to an investment/appointment via our experts group.

Many of our Members are also open to Interim roles

As a Service Provider you can host a Group or Forum to connect with the most appropriate subset of our community- as Portfolio Directors most of our members are constantly looking for new roles and appointments!

We also have a wealth of SME CEO talent who maybe looking for both Executive and Non-Executive roles.

The Chairman’s Network has a strong brand and identity and has gained credibility as a collaborative networking business. Today we are building a unique private online business, networking,investment and appointments platform for the independent director or CEO, which can be accessed to good effect by relevant third parties such as yours.

Your Company’s investment of £2400 (plus VAT) will be well rewarded.

All Service Providers can join online but will be approved before going live in order to ensure that they offer pertinent services to our community.

You can join online now on www.chairmansnetwork.com or if you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact me personally.

Caroline Hayward


+44 (0)1242 236277



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