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Member Testimonials


Thank you for another great interactive meeting. Good company and topics

See you soon

best wishes

Jonathan Hebbes

Hi Caroline,

Having been to a number of Chairman's Network events, I am pleased to commend you to others.

Your coffee mornings are a good introduction to an interesting range of SME chairs, NEDs and high level consultants through small groups. It works well for me to meet others in a pleasant and informal environment.

The two events that I have attended have been relevant, well presented and of good length to gain appropriate knowledge and to provide a further networking opportunity.

I look forward to seeing you again soon,

John Bickell

SME Chair, NED and Consultant 

Hi Caroline,

I enjoyed the event last week, the speaker was very good, excellent topic so important to many businesses and good content. 


 Andrew Blatherwick



Hi Caroline,

I met a number of people and have set up three meetings already and so that speaks volumes about how valuable I found it!

Re: the event, I really liked the content of the presentation by Shirlaws. I don’t think it matters if the presentation time takes up even 30 minutes, provided the subject matter is interesting. Perhaps a presentation on the Envestry platform and a view of the financial outlook from an Investec perspective would be some things to consider for another time.

All-in-all, though, very worthwhile!



John Busby

Member- Event February 2017


Hi Caroline

Sorry for hopeless delay in replying to your email – I’ve been travelling extensively and somewhat overwhelmed.

Anyway, just to let you know that I thought the coffee morning was extremely useful.  I’ve made contact with a couple of the other delegates already so it must be good!

Phil Lowe

Director, Symphony

February 2017

Yes, I think that the coffee morning last week was a great success with, as you say elsewhere, an interesting diverse mix of people!

I am sure that the relaxed, comfortable lounge setting is good – if that can be in a semi-informal annex of a lounge setting, all well and good.

The Group last week naturally broke into two types – those on a fact-find exercise to see what this grey, imprecise, world of NED Chairman type work is all about, and the other type being the experienced NED who has just about fathomed out what this management froth is all about.

Access to your network of expertise professional services people in my mind is also highly relevant, not just the one on one of NED:NED contact.

Best regards,

Steve Bennett, Chairman

November 2016

Hi Caroline
Great seeing you again today.
I thought the venue was spot on, the  choice of relaxed atmosphere lounge area conducive to more open and frank discussions and the discussion points relevant to what I wanted out of it.
I struck up a great conversation with Shaun and Stephen after you left which may progress well, I'll keep you posted.
Count me in for the next one ...
Thanks again

Nicholas St John

November 2016


Caroline – many thanks for yesterday. Caroline. I have to say I thought it was an excellent “meetup”, really great and interesting people. Absolutely spot on. Many thanks. Look forward to seeing the next set of dates.


Shaun Orpen

November 2016


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